Is there an odor, do the dead mice stink or rot if they are not found after they die?

The manufacture who make the poison know that customers sometimes are not going to be able to find the mice after they die. So they designed the poison to dissipate the mice very quickly. Mice have very little moisture. If you happen to find the dead mouse later in the future you will find just mouse fur.

How safe is it to have a mouse poison in my house with children or pets?

Safety is implemented for our customers, children and pets when we are servicing your house for mice. We place our poison in Tamper Resistant Bait Stations. (A lockable sturdy plastic black box that is designed to allow mice to enter and feed on the poison) These bait stations are placed in areas that are as inaccessible to children and pets as much as possible.

What happens if my dog or cat eat a dead mouse?

Secondary poisoning is not going to be a problem. The exact amount of dead mice that must be eaten for a cat or dog to become sick will depend on the size of the animal. They would have to consume their own body weight of just the actual bait to get sick. So by eating the dead mice they will not be affected.

If I have mice only in my kitchen and bait boxes are placed in my room will mice be attracted there?

No, by putting the bait boxes upstairs in the bedroom is only being preventative in case the mice decide to travel there. Mice are excellent climbers and can infest all floors of a house.

Will the tech be able to find how the mice are getting into my house during the outdoor inspection?

Often the technicians are able to detect the mouse entry points while doing their inspection. However there maybe entry points that are impossible to detect by this we mean when the house was being built.

Can mice enter my house through a broken dryer vent?

Yes, once they enter through the broken dryer vent mice can easily escape through the dryer giving the mouse free access to the rest of your house.



Will the mouse service actually work and make my house mouse free?

Yes, we will get your home free of mice. The poison we use is a soft bait and it is proven to have high acceptance by mice. It also allows aroma to escape increasing the attractiveness of our bait product. Our bait is a single feeding poison so the mice only have to eat it once. This poison is preferred over competing food.

How long will it take to kill all my mice?

Depending on the level of activity of mice in your home can effect how long it can take. The mice need to find the bait boxes that have been placed around your home. Once they eat the poison you will find blue or green mouse poop. The mice will die 3 to 4 days after they eat the poison. After you see the blue or green mouse poop then you will know the mice will be gone very soon. If you have pets and leave their food out all day and night the mice feed on the food and also carry it away to their nest. In this case the mice will take longer to come out to find the bait boxes because they have a food source. When the mice run out of food they will leave their nest and go look for more food. The answer to the question, it can take up to 10 to 15 days for a medium mouse infestation and up to a month for a high mouse infestation.