Working with good knowledge of pesticides and their use we are able to make good pest management choices

We do not judge our customers for the environment that they live in. We are in your house to exterminate pests, do our job and not to place any judgement on anyone

  • The behavior and habits of the target pest
  • The relationship among the pest, the host and the environment
  • The value and risks of the proposed pest control method
  • Treatment options and what a pest management decision is based on
  • Related federal, provincial and municipal laws
  • We do not judge our customers for the environment that they live in. We are in your house to exterminate pests and do our job and not to place any judgement on anyone


Integrated Pest Management uses environmentally sound ways to keep pests from invading your home or annoying you. Successful IPM combines several methods from harming you, your family or the environment.


We use humane methods to trap and relocate skunks from your property.





  • Pest Management Association Of Alberta
  • Canadian Pest Management Association 
  • National Pest Management Association


Yelp Reviews

Dave S.

Sept 15 2017

Excellent service! I had what turned out to be a bushy tailed wood rat living in the engine compartment of my truck. Picked this guy up while camping in K Country. Found him nesting in the truck and could not get rid of him, not sure how he surived the trip home with the engine heat but somehow he did. I tried bear spray, water, compressed air could not shake him. Called Pest Busters and Pam was over quickly with traps. This fellow was a light footed ninja so Pam brought over more sensitive traps! Got him!

Robert H.

Aug 26 2017

All I can say about this company is very positive! From the time I called with my inquiry for skunks removed from my property, Pam was at my home within 2 hrs, they came by every other day to rebait traps, called everyday to inquire on how trapping was going! When the skunks were trapped, they had someone out to take the caught skunks to a wildlife park to be released humanely within 2 hrs! The service was 5 star & so was the price. If you have any pest issues, I strongly advise calling Pest Busters they took good care of my family & the pests! Thank you Pam & Bud on a job well done!!!!!

Google Reviews

Gail D.

Nov 19

We were very impressed with the knowledgeable, informative, respectful, frendly approach and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that our needs were being met. We feel confident that our problem was solved, but if not, assured that a follow up would be provided. We are grateful for the expert and very professional support and would highly recommend Pest Busters to anyone with a pest problem.

Patty P.

Apr 30

I would like to thank Pest Busters Pest Control for taking care of our Skunk problem! I woulg highly recommend anyone to use them. They are very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again Pam, appreciate your help and expertise.

Suzy C.

May 31

Pest Busters help fix my pest problem, they were very informative. They were very professional and answered all questions. I would highly recommend Pest Busters as they will go above and beyond for you.

Moe A.

Jul 15

Pest Busters really helped with my skunk problem. They caught a whole family of skunks living under my deck . I would defiantly recommend them if you have skunk problems.

Pam W.

Jul 23

In early June, I discovered that a family of skunks were living under our front porch. I called Pest Busters and they came out within a couple of hours. They were incredibly helpful and genuinely cared. Within a couple of days, they safely and humanely relocated the skunks to a reserve outside of Calgary. They came several times afterwards to set up a trail camera ensuring that all the skunks had been removed. What a relief. I was so very happy with their prompt service and the tips they gave us to ensure we do not have this problem again in the future. They were knowledgeable about skunks and their habits. They sent us a video showing the release of our skunks into nature. It was pretty cool. Thank you, Pest Busters!

Megan P.

Sep 16

Came and saved us from a skunk we didn't know how to deal with! Super fast and incredibly friendly.

Tatiana D.

Nov 14

I have used the service of the Pest Busters in Calgary, and would like to thank them for the excellent job. They came, did her work, explained the details and was very friendly. I would also like to thank the lady who is answering the phone for her patience as I had to call back a few times again and again in order to work out the time that would work best for me as well as the tenant. Thank You!

Email Thank You's


Thank-you for your support on this matter and your diligence in remedying.

Best regards,


Ruth D.

Thank you for your great service yesterday of removing a skunk from or squirrel trap. We really appreciated you and your friendly service. 

Thank you,